Radikal Therapeutics (RTX) is a multi-national biotechnology firm focused on the discovery and development of transformative pharmaceuticals. With a deep pipeline of therapeutics created in-house, and a paradigm-disruptive discovery engine, we are positioned to remain at the forefront of drug discovery.

Our team of chemists, biologists, immunologists, and drug development professionals have worked together for more than two decades and have built a reputation for leadership in basic science and drug development. The company is developing best-in-class therapeutics in a range of clinical areas including inflammation, ischemia-reperfusion injury, auto-immunity, and prematurity.

Our product platforms include small and large molecule pharmaceuticals that therapeutically restore free radical equilibrium, redirect aberrant signaling pathways in inflammation, manipulate mitochondrial cell death pathways, modulate DNA repair, restore microcirculatory perfusion, and induce specific immunotolerance.

Although varied in their structural targets and directed at diverse clinical needs, our technologies share a unified concept of correcting pathophysiology by endowing agents with multi-functional capacity. This approach yields biological synergies that far outstrip the potency of traditional single-target agents.

RTX makes available its deep and unique experience in pharmaceutical development via its contract services firm Luria Scientific Industries (LSI).