Radikal Therapeutics is a multi-national biotechnology firm focused on the discovery and development of transformative pharmaceuticals.

With a deep pipeline of therapeutics created in-house, and a paradigm-disruptive discovery engine, we are positioned to remain at the forefront of drug discovery.

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Novel class of nitric oxide donors RTX is developing a platform of bifunctional redox-based small molecules formed from the covalent linkage of an organic nitrovasodilatordomain that donates nitric oxide and a multifunctional redox catalytic domain.

Theseagents remove toxic reactive oxygen species and deliver NO without the confounding effect of producing the potent toxin peroxynitrite via the diffusion-limited reaction of nitric oxide and superoxide.

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Our Management

Andrew L. Salzman, M.D. (Chairman and Founder) is a physician, scientist, inventor, and biomedical entrepreneur.Dr. Salzman received his undergraduate training at Yale College, followed by medical education at Harvard Medical School.

and fellowships in critical care and infectious disease at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Children`s Hospital (Boston, MA), the Massachusetts General Hospital, University of Massachusetts, and Beth Israel Hospital (Boston, MA).

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Scientific Approach

RTX pursues its product discovery work primarily utilizing classic rational-based medicinal chemistry approaches, supported by computational algorithms based upon crystallographic data.

 The Company operates an efficient in-house iterative drug discovery process, whereby hits are subjected to rapid validation by in vitrocell culture testing with quick follow on in vivo confirmation in rodent and large animal disease models. This approach has consistently yielded highly potent and innovative pharmaceutical candidates.

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